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Real Madrid To Unveil €50 Million Signing On Wednesday

After Zinedine Zidane returned to take charge of Real Madrid, he told the club management that he wanted to sign a number of outstanding players.

In the past few days, the club has announced a deal for the Serbian striker Luka Jović from Eintracht Frankfurt and Belgium’s Eden Hazard from Chelsea.

Frenchman Ferland Mendy, the left back of Lyon’s French side, was among the players who attracted Zidane’s attention, so he told the club’s management that he wanted to settle the deal. The officials did not hesitate to meet his request and immediately entered negotiations with the French club.


Several news reports indicate that the Spanish administration has already settled the deal for nearly 48 million euros, in addition to the variables, and that the deal will be officially announced on Wednesday.

It should be noted that the back of the left-Lyon performed the first medical tests on the fourth of this month, but Real Madrid expressed his desire to undergo a medical examination to ensure another precaution to the end of the symptoms of muscle injury suffered a few months, so the player may undergo this examination During the next two days.

Didier Deschamps, France coach, held a press conference today to discuss the match that will bring his team tomorrow in Andorra in the qualifying for the European Nations Cup next year.

“Two years ago, Mendy was playing in a second division club, and soon he will play in Real Madrid. Mendy is capable of playing on both fronts and developing his level very quickly and remarkably,” said Deschamps.

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